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Spirit Code

I developed an energy psychology protocol in 2017 called Spirit Code, which explores the depths of the body’s subconscious to transform and heal trauma and many other issues.

What is Spirit Code?

I believe everything has a cause, and this may be something different than what is usually presumed. I think every disturbance you have ever experienced— emotionally, behaviorally, mentally, psychologically, physically— has a source inside of you. I believe that you do not die from what is on your death certificate. Your body will cease functioning because of your issues, how you have lived your life. If this is true, there must be a way to get inside the body to the root cause and make some finely tuned adjustments to live with more health and wellness.

Spirit Code is a way to get to the root and source of what is occurring in your life. It recognizes there is a vast system called the subconscious that holds a lot of material and information. The contents of this vast container are what impact your life from moment to moment. This system may sound mysterious and inaccessible, yet there must be a way to access it. Since the body and subconscious are one, our body holds the key to unlocking our subconscious.

Spirit Code uses a tool we refer to as Intuitive Sensing. This practice has gone by many names, such as muscle testing or applied kinesiology. Whatever you call it, it recognizes that there is a way to access the body’s subconscious.


We offer training so that you can be a Certified Spirit Code Practitioner. This training is for health/mental health professionals, healers of all kinds, and anyone who wants to learn more about energy healing.

Please get in touch if you would like to be trained in Spirit Code or received a one-on-one Spirit Code session.