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Energy Codes

I am a Certified Energy Codes Coach through the Morter Institute for Bioenergetics.

What is Energy Codes? 

Energy Codes Coaching is a powerful and profound coaching program using the principles and practices of Dr. Sue Morter’s Energy Codes. When being coached in this program, you will learn to live in a state of positivity and success in terms of what you want in your life versus focusing on your life problems and what is not working for you. You will learn processes that help you build the circuitry to experience yourself as the Soulful Self (your true essence that exists beyond the Mind) so that you can live from your authentic, joyful self. 

Based on the profound wisdom of Quantum and Traditional sciences, The Energy Codes will help you navigate challenging emotions, clear subconscious beliefs, and manifest your dreams so you can live from the space of creatorship and fulfillment. The goal of this coaching is to help you create a Quantum Flip®—where you completely change your sense of identity and begin operating from the truer, eternal “you” rather than the performing protective personality. Your life becomes nourished from the inside out—your health and relationships improve, you gain a greater sense of peace and trust, and you will awaken to your true life’s purpose (The preceding was borrowed from the Energy Codes Coaching Certification Manual).

In an Energy Codes Coaching session, I assess what is working for you and what you feel good about. We will also explore your current situation and what concerns you. We will develop intentions and begin to consider how you can progress towards what you envision for yourself.


  1. Embodiment— I will guide you to consider and come into the body to find the source of what is being presented in your life. 
  2. Creatorship— I will help you move from the victimhood of the protective personality to being an empowered creator of what you want in life. 
  3. Clearing Subconscious Interference— Here, we will actively release and transmute repressed emotions and limiting beliefs that may have you stuck. 
  4. Soulful Self— And I will also help you begin to discover who you are as a multidimensional quantum being with more to offer than you may have realized. 

Five Principles

  1. Everything is energy— Energy cannot be created or destroyed, and every aspect of your life exemplifies this. To be able to heal and transform, you need to begin to think in terms of energy. What is troubling you may initially be an energetic disturbance that requires an energetic response to change the frequency of what is being manifested.
  2. The only thing that is ever happening is good— Life is not happing to you but for you, and everything that has occurred or will happen is all in your favor. You generate your life experiences to awaken. The circumstances and people in your life are the gifts that enable you to realize your true self.
  3. You are the creator of your life experience— When this principle is embraced you will gain tremendous freedom and power as you live from your authentic self. Where you place your attention determines where you gather and collect energy and distribute creative power. I will help you move from focusing on your problems to creating a life of freedom and abundance.
  4. You are not defined by external realities; you are your true and higher self— You can learn to shift your perspective from “object” to “subject” as you train your mind to find the real you. Your thoughts and emotions, and beliefs are not who you are. The sensations in the body are simply messages and indicators alerting you to areas of needed growth. As you activate circuits in the body and embody higher frequencies, you find the Soulful Self. 
  5. You are a spiritual being having a spiritual experience in a physical dimension— You came here from another dimension and splatted on the earthen plane with an ego and body for a distinct purpose. Everything about your life was predetermined for your growth and awakening to help you realize your true identity as an eternal being. Knowing this will provide hope and help as you begin to see how there is a higher-level spiritual program that you can enter into.