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Safe & Sound Protocol

I received a Safe & Sound Protocol Training Certificate from Unyte-iLs.

What Is the Safe & Sound Protocol?

Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is based on the PolyVagal Theory of Dr. Stephen Porges. SSP is a five-day intervention using sound provided to the inner ear, which signals the vagal nerve to trigger a parasympathetic response. By calming the physiological and emotional state, there is an opportunity to shift from the fight/flight/freeze response to the calm response of the parasympathetic system. If you would like to participate, I can send you a link to begin this program. The cost is $25 for the ability to access this program for as long as you would like.

Would you please watch the following videos for more understanding of SSP? 

The first video explains PolyVagal Theory

And the second video explains the SSP program:

There are several options to choose from in the SSP protocol. 

  1. SSP Connect is an unfiltered version and offers a gentler way to approach SSP. SSP Connect allows time to adjust and acclimate to listening to music via over-the-ear headphones. It is used as a way of creating familiarity and expectancy for when you use SSP Core.
  2. SSP Core is an auditory intervention designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity while enhancing social engagement and resilience. It presents music that has been acoustically modified based on a specific algorithm that triggers physiological states of safety and trust. Calming the physiological state helps to promote social engagement and self-regulation. With this in mind, you may want to begin with SSP Connect for five one-hour sessions (or less time) and then proceed to SSP Core when you feel more acclimated to the process. If you would like to dive right in, you can start the SSP Core program. I will help to monitor you through this process, so please contact me as needed. 
  3. SSP Balance can be used as a way to maintain your gains from the previous programs. SSP Balance offers an integrating experience and the opportunity to extend the state-regulating benefits beyond the five hours of SSP Core. SSP Balance has a lighter frequency modulation algorithm. While not the same potency as SSP Core, SSP Balance will support continued practice of the neural networks associated with listening for further toning. Many find SSP Balance to be calming and grounding and use it as a daily state shifter and support. SSP Balance was developed as a follow-up to the SSP Core to offer an opportunity to return to music as a calming and grounding experience with a less strenuous neural workout. You can listen to SSP Balance for as long as is necessary.

During all of these programs, the music is love songs and ballads from the 1960s and 1970s and beyond. What you do during these listening periods is essential. Any activity that enhances the calming effect of the parasympathetic response is encouraged. 

You may choose to sit silently or even meditate while allowing these sounds to provide the intended effect. You could read or engage in any version of creative activity. You may find it fitting to engage in physical activity like walking. Please do not do anything that would elicit a sympathetic response (i.e. stress response), which is anything that would increase any version of stress or tension. This would include viewing social media or any news outlet.