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Meditation is a great tool to quiet your mind and connect with yourself. As a result, I offer guided meditations through Zoom. Below are recordings of my most recent meditation sessions.

Guided Meditations

A Journey of Creation
Be the Witness
Believing the Impossible
Gratitude Dance
Wellness Spring of Love
A Journey ff Creation
Believing the Impossible
Energy Centers
Dreaming Large
Healing a Memory
Increasing Love, Joy, and Peace
Intention & Affirmation
The Uncertainty
Connecting With Your True Self
Changing a Thought
Expanding Awareness
Generating Loving Presence
Heart Lock-in
Practicing Eternity
Revisiting a Memory
The Mystic Marriage
Transmitting the Ideas of an Issue
True Self
With the Help of Uriel
You Are the All
Silver Crystalline River
In the Chamber

Transmuting the Idea of an Issue Flattened